Adopt Swap


Our purpose is to facilitate the exchange of photographs and other information between adoptive families and birth families who wish to remain connected yet maintain their privacy.

The climate of adoption is fortunately changing. Adoptions, once upon a time, were characterized in negative terms. There was a sense of once a child was placed for adoption, the child’s history was not relevant. However, over time, we have trended toward openness in adoptions for the benefit of all parties. Birth parents who place their children for adoption no longer have to fear that they will never learn of the child that they conceived. By promoting communication between the birth parents and adoptive parents, the birth parents can watch their children grow and reap the benefit of knowing that a loving and selfless decision was made for the child. The adoptive parents also benefit from this continuing communication because they no longer have to fear the inevitable questions about the birth parent.

The children benefit more than anyone else. Research has shown that the trauma tied to adoption in the past stems from children feeling they were left because they were not loved. Even more than that, children were suffering from being denied their story and their history. By keeping communication open with the birth parent, the adoptive parents are showing the child that he/she was loved so much that the birth parent still gets updates on milestones, accomplishments and that there is a place to learn about his/her history.

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