Adoption Agencies in Palm Beach County vs. Adoption Attorneys

Adoption Agencies in Palm Beach County vs. Adoption Attorneys

If you find yourself having to navigate an unplanned pregnancy in Palm Beach County, adoption is certainly an option. But you might be wondering, should you work with one of the many adoption agencies in Palm Beach County or an adoption attorney or law firm, like The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC? While there is no right answer to this, there are some key differences that may help you decide which path is right for you. Let’s break them down here. 

Confidentiality + Legal Advice:

Both adoption agencies in Palm Beach County and adoption attorneys are ethically bound to provide confidential services to each expectant mother that walks through their door. However, adoption attorneys may provide more sound and consistent legal advice than adoption agencies in Palm Beach County. The reason being is that adoption agencies usually require an outside attorney. Adoption attorneys, however, already know and understand the legal side and are more readily available to help with that aspect of the process. 

Choosing the Right Adoptive Family:

Adoption attorneys tend to cast the broadest net possible when trying to help an expectant birth mother find the perfect waiting adoptive family for their baby. They utilize nationwide networks and can accommodate a larger array of personal preferences regarding the adoptive family. 

In contrast, adoption agencies in Palm Beach County often limit an expectant birth mother’s options to the waiting adoptive families that are currently on their list. The reason for this is because hopeful adoptive families pay large upfront fees to the adoption agency, and therefore the agency is more likely to feel pressure to reduce their overall waiting time.

Expectant Birth Mother Autonomy:

Adoption agencies in Palm Beach County usually require an expectant birth mother to follow a rather strict set of rules and routines. This can result in her being more reliant on the adoption agency they’re working with to place their baby. One good example of this is how some adoption agencies in Palm Beach County require that an agency employee escort the expectant mother to each of her prenatal appointments. Other adoption agencies require that the expectant mother live in a certain place during her pregnancy or follow a particular schedule that may clash with her ability to work or attend classes. 

Adoption attorneys tend to provide an expectant birth mother with MUCH more autonomy. They provide recommendations and resources, based on their many years of experience in adoption and family law. But they also provide birth mother support and assistance, as needed and as permissible by law. For the most part, an adoption attorney allows the expectant mother to lead her own life, and make the choices that she feels are best for her and her baby. 

Expectant Mother Service and Support:

Most of the adoption agencies in Palm Beach County are quite large, and therefore need to employ less experienced caseworkers and staff. Oftentimes at these large adoption agencies, a caseworker will be working with multiple expectant birth mothers at one time and have restricted decision-making privileges. Working within a large bureaucracy may lead to longer wait times for approval of financial assistance or access to needed services, like counseling and support. 

Adoption attorneys, however, work directly with the expectant birth mother. They are more able to respond to needs and concerns in real-time. Adoption attorneys also work with a much smaller roster of expectant birth mothers and provide a more warm, personalized experience, along with better legal expertise.

While there are plenty of large adoption agencies in Palm Beach County that you can choose from, none of them can match the care and expertise of an experienced adoption attorney. If you are considering “giving baby up for adoption in Palm Beach County,” (or in the surrounding areas, such as North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boyton, Belle Glade, or Pahoke) and need someone to talk to, call The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC  at (877) 777-5070 or Text Us at (561) 841-3065 or (850) 610-4166.

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