Adoption in Palm Beach County: What You Need To Know

Adoption in Palm Beach County

Adoption in Palm Beach County: What You Need To Know

If you are going through an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption in Palm Beach County, The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC is here to help you. We work with women throughout the entire county, including places like Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Boynton, Belle Glade, Pahokee, Lake View, etc. If you choose to meet with us, we could discuss your pregnancy options and better explain how placing a baby for adoption works. If you choose to make an adoption plan with us, we would then proceed to help you gain the birth mother services and assistance you need to have a healthy pregnancy. 

Adoption in Palm Beach County – What You Need To Know

  1. Regardless of where you are in the state, the process of placing your baby for adoption in Florida is largely the same for everyone. Check out that link to learn more about the adoption process. 
  2. In accordance with Florida state law, most women who choose to place their baby for adoption in Palm Beach County are eligible to receive some level of birth mother support. Living expenses like telephone service, food, toiletries, necessary clothing, transportation, insurance, assistance with rent and utility payments, etc. may be covered by the adoptive family.  
  3. Our adoption law firm would be happy to assist you as you try to find adoptive parents in Florida. We can provide you with profiles from waiting families that have chosen to work with our law firm. But if none of those feel like the right fit, we can broaden our search to find the perfect family for your baby. 
  4. There’s a big difference between working with one of the adoption agencies in Palm Beach County and working with an adoption law firm, like The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC. Adoption law firms and attorneys tend to provide more personalized care and give expectant mothers much more autonomy throughout their pregnancy. 

While adoption in Florida may seem like a very complex process, it’s something that we’ve done hundreds of times before. If you need help understanding how adoption works or what the adoption process would look like for you specifically, the Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC would be happy to talk with you. Feel free to give us a Call  or send us a text message at (561) 841-3065 or (850) 610-4166. There are no strings attached when you call, and everything we talk about can be completely confidential.  

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