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Unplanned Pregnancy In Florida

What Are My Options For Unplanned Pregnancy In Florida?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling on abortion, some states, including Florida, will significantly reduce, if not eliminate, access to abortion. Whether you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy in Florida, or you love someone who is, we hope to provide some guidance and help for every one of you. You have several options available to give your child […]

Give Up Baby Adoption

If I Give Up My Baby For Adoption, Will I Ever See Them Again?

“If I Give Up My Baby For Adoption, Will I Ever See Them Again?“ This is one of the most common questions we get from women who are pregnant in Florida. And we understand why – adoption can be scary. However, in today’s world, adoption isn’t always the end. Expectant mothers who choose to “give […]

Teen Daughter Pregnant Florida

Is Your Teen Daughter Pregnant in Florida? Here’s Five Things You Should Do First

If you’ve just found out that your teen daughter is pregnant in Florida, you’re both probably dealing with a lot of different emotions. That’s okay. That’s common. There’s no need to panic. You and your daughter have options and help is available if needed.  Five Things You Should Do When Your Teen Daughter is Pregnant […]

Miami-Dade County Adoption

Miami-Dade County Adoption

Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Miami-Dade County have a variety of options in front of them. One of which is adoption. While many women know this, they often don’t fully understand how creating an adoption plan for their baby would work. It’s not as simple as going to a Miami-Dade County adoption agency and […]

Closed Adoption in Florida

Closed Adoption in Florida

If you’re considering giving your baby up for adoption, you may find yourself wondering, “is it bad that I’d prefer to have a closed adoption in Florida?” This is actually one of the more common questions that we’re asked by expectant mothers. It’s understandable. Adoption can be scary and everyone has a different preference when […]

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