Who Is The Best Adoption Agency in Florida?

Best Adoption Agency Florida

Who Is The Best Adoption Agency in Florida?

Whether you’re an expectant mother considering adoption or a hopeful adoptive family, one of the first questions you’ll probably seek to answer is: Who is the best adoption agency in Florida? 

While we are certainly biased, we will do our best to provide you with the information necessary to better understand who the best adoption agency in Florida is for you and your specific journey. You should also remember that you can choose to work with an adoption attorney too. There are some differences between working with an adoption agency and a Florida adoption attorney, so make sure to check out that link to learn more. 

What to Look For When Searching for the “Best Adoption Agency in Florida.”

Licensure. If you’re looking for a Florida adoption agency, you’ll want to make sure that they are licensed by the state. Here’s a list of licensed agencies. When choosing to work with an adoption attorney, you’ll want to make sure they are eligible to practice law in the state where you reside and a member of the state’s bar association. Typically adoption attorneys will have their own page on the bar association’s website. For example, take a look at our Attorneys’ pages on the Florida Bar Website: Elizabeth Berkowitz and Stephanie White

Experience. When it comes to reputation, you’ll need to do a little homework. You can ask around the community, read reviews online and talk to other adoptive parents. If you’re looking for a Florida adoption agency, we recommend the National Council for Adoption’s Agency Listings. All of the agencies listed on that site will be reputable, ethical and licensed. The most experienced adoption attorneys in Florida are most likely on the Board of Directors for the Florida Adoption Council, or at least a part of the organization. You can always use the organization’s Find an Attorney tool too.

Birth Mother Autonomy. If you’re an expectant mother, it’s important to note that even many of the best adoption agencies in Florida are pretty strict with birth mothers. It’s not uncommon for them to require that a mother follow a particular schedule, as well as some rules about their lifestyle. If you’d like more autonomy during the adoption process, then working with a Florida Adoption Attorney might be a better option for you. They tend to be much more lenient and provide birth mothers with a large amount of freedom. Regardless, if you’re an expectant mother considering adoption in Florida and meeting with an agency or attorney, ask them about what is required of you, from the beginning of the process to the point of signing the adoption papers

Ongoing Support. Most birth mothers will tell you that the adoption process can be emotionally tolling. It’s important that you have access to birth mother support both during your pregnancy and after. When meeting with adoption agencies and attorneys, ask them about their support services and how long those services are available to birth mothers. The best adoption agencies in Florida provide all of the women who make an adoption plan with them some level of birth mother support, so even if you’re a hopeful adoptive family, this is something to inquire about when having your first meeting. 

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While there are plenty of local FL adoption agencies for you to work with, The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC can provide you with unmatched care and support. Although we’re adoption attorneys, we pride ourselves in being birth mother-centric. We truly care about the women who come to us for help “placing baby for adoption.” No matter your situation, we will do our best to help you through this time and make sure you have access to all of the birth mother services that you are eligible to receive. 

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