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How to Choose Your Adoption Attorney

Each year there are around 135,000 children adopted. If you’re someone that’s looking to adopt a child, chances are you’re going to need an adoption attorney to help you throughout the entire process. We’re going to provide you with an in-depth guide that will help you get through all the options for attorneys that you […]

What to Do the First Time a Foster Child Comes to Stay With Us?

When a foster child enters a new home for the first time, it can be daunting, especially if they’ve experienced any traumas. That’s why you want to make your home as welcoming and comfortable as possible before your foster child arrives, to make the process a lot easier for them. There are many benefits of fostering […]

10 Heartwarming Quotes for Birth Mothers Thinking About Adoption

Societal expectations have a way of adding extra fear, guilt, and shame to taboo subjects. For a mother who is already experiencing mom-guilt, even before having given birth, the self-doubt can be suffocating. Talking about adoption in a realistic, empathetic manner can offer insight that wouldn’t have been previously thought of in a society that […]

Why Is an Adoption Birth Plan Important? 8 Reasons You Should Have One in Place

Although only 34.7% of women have a birth plan noted in their medical records, it is a crucial step that you should not skip. Whether you are the mother or an adoption family, having an adoption birth plan will help ease everyone’s minds as the due date gets closer. A hospital stay can be overwhelming, even without […]

Is the Father’s Consent Required for Adoption?

If you’re thinking of making an adoption plan, do you know if you can do it on your own? Deciding that your child will be best with another family is always difficult. Whether it’s an unplanned pregnancy or you don’t think you’re ready to be a parent yet, it’s a tough choice, but also one […]