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More People to Love Grayson

Grayson was a toddler when his parents separated. He lived with his mother full time because his father, Jeff, wasn’t able to support himself financially. For him, it was the only world he knew and he was never short on love from both of his parents, so it felt like a  pretty great world to […]

Adoption Scams: What to Look Out for

Over 120,000 children are waiting to be adopted in the US. But there are also many adoption scams out there that can inhibit your adoption journey. So, what is an adoption scam? Typically an adoption scam is when prospective adoptees are preyed on for money. Adoption scammers have no intention of fulfilling your adoption wishes. […]

Florida Adoption Finalization Questions

There are approximately 135,000 children adopted in the United States every year. About 59% of the adoptions are from foster care, 15% are American babies whose mothers decided on an adoption plan, and 26% are from other countries.  These numbers, of course, vary by state, but the highest number of adoptions in Florida’s history was […]

Birthmother Books List: Resources for Mothers Considering Adoption Plans

If you’re not ready to be a mom just yet, you don’t have to be. Choosing to let someone else adopt your baby is often a difficult decision, but it’s also selfless and responsible if you’re not in the right situation to look after a child. You’re putting your baby before yourself, which is an […]

How to Adopt a Child From Foster Care

Every year, 135,000 children are adopted through foster care. If you think you want to adopt a child, you should first educate yourself on the adoption process to see what it entails.  Take a look at this in-depth guide to learn the requirements, and process to adopt a child from foster care.  What Is Foster […]