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Pregnant & Can't Raise Baby

Pregnant & Can’t Raise Your Baby? Contact The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White

Unexpectedly pregnant and can’t raise your baby? You are not alone. Many birth mothers are in a similar situation. You may think, what will happen to your baby and you? There are many adoption agencies or attorneys to help you. Contact any of them. A simple Google search will give you a list of the […]

Accidental Pregnancy Help in Florida

Understanding Your Choices: Accidental Pregnancy Help in Florida

Recently, I’ve discovered my pregnancy. This pregnancy is unplanned, and I need accidental pregnancy help in Florida. Taking care of a child is not possible for me now. I have some other priorities in my life. There is no one who can guide me in this situation! What to do now? I am feeling clueless! […]

Pregnant & Due Soon? Not Ready? Get Adoption Help

Pregnant & Due Soon? Not Ready to Parent? Wondering How to Get Adoption Help?

Are you pregnant and due soon but not ready to parent a child? You are not alone. There are many birth mothers who have these same feelings. Parenting comes with huge responsibilities and challenges. It is okay if you are not ready to take it. You have options. Get adoption help from The Law Offices of […]

Teenage Pregnancy Help

What Adoption Help is Available for Teenage Pregnancy?

My teen daughter is pregnant! She is in high school and barely knows how to manage herself. I need some teenage pregnancy help now. Like any other overwhelmed mother, I did a Google search to learn about unplanned pregnancies. I read that I need to contact an adoption agency or an adoption attorney in Florida […]

Local Adoption Agencies

Why Work with Only Local Adoption Agencies or Attorneys in Florida?

I am pregnant and considering giving my child up for adoption in Florida. Like any other pregnant woman, I did a Google search on how to start the adoption process. From there, I got a list of local adoption agencies. Now, I need to consider which one I should select to start with the adoption […]

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