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The Home Study

I wanted to write a blog post about the Home Study portion of the adoption process because it is one of the most integral parts of the adoption process. State and private adoption agencies want to be assured that the child will be placed into a safe, healthy and nurturing family home. Social workers or […]

The Benefits of an Open Adoption

More and more often these days, couples and birth parents are opting for an “open” adoption (as opposed to the traditional “closed” one). In a closed adoption, the birth parents have no contact with the child after they are born. They leave the hospital with their adoptive parents and go on to live their lives. […]

Preparing Your Family for Adoption: What Your Children Should Know

For many families, adoption means welcoming a new child into your home. However, the process can be different for different families. This blog post addresses families with children that are inviting a new brother or sister into their home.  You’re probably wondering how best to prepare your children for their new sibling. Here are a […]

Introducing the brand new AdoptionWorks blog….

Welcome to our blog! The place where you can learn, vent, and interact with other birth parents, adoptive parents and anyone who wants to learn about adoption. We won’t be your standard boring blog!!! I am holding our blogger, “Jules” accountable for being unique, dynamic and inspirational!!! It’s time that we open up people’s hearts […]

Why It’s Important to Have an Adoption Attorney

An adoption attorney is a lawyer who assists you during the placement of a child and guides you throughout the process. Having an adoption attorney is crucial for anyone seeking to adopt because there are many steps throughout the adoption process, steps that can seem complicated and confusing at times. An adoption attorney will not […]

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