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Florida Adoption Attorney or Large, National Agency?

Should I Use A Florida Adoption Attorney or National Adoption Agency?

When considering “giving my baby up for adoption,” many women wonder to themselves, “should I work with a Florida adoption attorney or a large, national adoption agency?” That’s a great question. Given the differences between a Florida adoption attorney and a large, national adoption agency, it’s certainly something to think about when considering the path […]

Can I Put My Baby Up For Adoption After I've Given Birth?

“I Just Gave Birth. Can I Still Put My Baby Up For Adoption?”

The answer is yes. If you just gave birth, you can still “put your baby up for adoption.”  Before we jump into the details of answering this question, we want to first address how we talk about adoption. As adoption professionals, when we discuss the adoption process, we use phrases that are not part of […]

Adoption agencies in Miami vs. Adoption law firms

Adoption Agencies in Miami vs Adoption Attorneys

If you’re amid an unplanned pregnancy in Miami (or the surrounding areas like Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, or Homestead), adoption is certainly an option. But you might be wondering, should you work with one of the many adoption agencies in Miami or an adoption attorney or law firm, like The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White […]

Palm Beach County Adoption

Palm Beach County Adoption: “I just found out that I’m pregnant… Can your law firm help me?”

Recent Message Sent to Us: “Hi. I’m 19-years old and I’ve been staying in Delray Beach for the last four months. I just found out that I’m pregnant, and I’m not 100% sure who the dad is. I feel really ashamed. I can’t be a mom right now, and I want to put my baby […]

Let Us Help You Through This Unplanned Pregnancy

Birth Mother Services: Let Us Help You Through This Unplanned Pregnancy

Each day, we receive messages from women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Florida. These messages often contain hard questions about pregnancy, pregnancy options, and adoption, in general. The other day, we received this message from a woman who wasn’t quite sure what to do given her situation.  Message: “Hi. I just took a pregnancy test, […]

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