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Open adoption in Florida

Everything You Need To Know About Open Adoption In Florida

Are you considering placing your baby up for open adoption in Florida? Every adoption plan is unique, and you can have varying levels of openness in your open adoption arrangement.  For many decades, most infant adoptions in the US was closed. There was little to no identifying information shared between (this should be among) birth parents, adoptive parents, and their […]

Creating an adoption plan in Florida

Important Information About Creating An Adoption Plan In Florida

Are you pregnant and looking for information about creating an adoption plan in Florida? Florida law allows both licensed adoption attorneys and child-placing agencies to serve as an adoption entity to assist women facing an unplanned pregnancy. You can be of any age to pursue adoption as a choice. If you are below legal age, […]

What Are My Pregnancy Options

Everything You Need To Know – What Are My Unplanned Pregnancy Options?

Are you a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and trying to explore the unexpected pregnancy options available in Florida? We can understand how restless you must be feeling now! There are primarily four options available to cater to your present situation. The first is to get the help you need and raise the child. Depending […]

Unplanned Pregnancy In Florida

What Are My Options For Unplanned Pregnancy In Florida?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling on abortion, some states, including Florida, will significantly reduce, if not eliminate, access to abortion. Whether you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy in Florida, or you love someone who is, we hope to provide some guidance and help for every one of you. You have several options available to give your child […]

Private Adoption in Florida - The Home Study

Questions on Private Adoption in Florida: “What is a Home Study? What does it entail?”

Once you’ve chosen to pursue a private adoption in Florida, you must complete an adoption home study in order to be considered as a prospective adoptive family. But many families who are hoping to adopt have little to no idea what the home study process actually entails. So, let’s break it down.   Basically, the adoption […]

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