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Can I Put My Baby Up For Adoption After I've Given Birth?

“I Just Gave Birth. Can I Still Put My Baby Up For Adoption?”

The answer is yes. If you just gave birth, you can still “put your baby up for adoption.”  Before we jump into the details of answering this question, we want to first address how we talk about adoption. As adoption professionals, when we discuss the adoption process, we use phrases that are not part of […]

Good News for First-Time Moms

Good News for First-Time Moms-Inducing Labor at 39 Weeks Choosing to induce labor at 39 weeks reduces risk of C-sections, study finds The new research contradicts a long-held belief that inductions lead to more complications, including more cesareans. by Elizabeth Chuck / Aug.08.2018 / 5:16 PM EST NBC News The findings from a new study […]

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