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Pregnant Considering Adoption

My Niece is pregnant and Considering Adoption for her unborn baby. Who can Help her to start the Process?

My 14-year-old niece is pregnant and doesn’t know what to do now. She does not know the effects of having an unplanned pregnancy and what choices she has. Your pregnant niece can consider adoption if she cannot parent her baby. Adoption is a positive choice. If your niece is looking to explore her adoption options, The […]

Give up for adoption vs place baby for adoption

“Give Up For Adoption” or “Place For Adoption?”

When expectant mothers talk about adoption, they often use the phrase “give up for adoption.” This is a phrase that arose from a rather negative moment in history: the “Baby Scoop era” of the mid-1900s. During this time, an expectant mother’s choice to make an adoption plan was framed in language like “give up for […]

Florida Adoption Attorney or Large, National Agency?

Should I Use A Florida Adoption Attorney or National Adoption Agency?

When considering “giving my baby up for adoption,” many women wonder to themselves, “should I work with a Florida adoption attorney or a large, national adoption agency?” That’s a great question. Given the differences between a Florida adoption attorney and a large, national adoption agency, it’s certainly something to think about when considering the path […]

The “Let Grow” Project

I came across an interesting article on NPR this morning that I wanted to share called “To Raise Confident, Independent Kids, Some Parents Are Trying to ‘Let Grow’” In today’s society, the lives of children are often planned down to the minute. They go to school, they go to an afterschool activity, they come home and […]

Good News for First-Time Moms

Good News for First-Time Moms-Inducing Labor at 39 Weeks Choosing to induce labor at 39 weeks reduces risk of C-sections, study finds The new research contradicts a long-held belief that inductions lead to more complications, including more cesareans. by Elizabeth Chuck / Aug.08.2018 / 5:16 PM EST NBC News The findings from a new study […]

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