Everything You Need To Know – What Are My Unplanned Pregnancy Options?

What Are My Pregnancy Options

Everything You Need To Know – What Are My Unplanned Pregnancy Options?

Are you a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and trying to explore the unexpected pregnancy options available in Florida? We can understand how restless you must be feeling now! There are primarily four options available to cater to your present situation. The first is to get the help you need and raise the child. Depending on how far along you are, the second option is abortion. Third, you can place the child in foster care; the fourth choice can be placing your baby for Adoption. 

What is the Most Logical Unplanned Pregnancy Option?

At Berkowitz & White PLLC, we offer free and confidential services to help you consider all your options. You must first determine if you have enough support and resources to raise your child and how it will impact you. Are you ready for a lifetime commitment to parent your child? Is your inability to provide for your child only for a short time or the foreseeable future? 

Temporary placement will imply putting your child in foster care. Abortion will terminate your pregnancy, but you must understand the risks and long-term effects involved. Adoption can be a better choice and alternative to abortion because it will give your child a secure and permanent home with loving and nurturing parents. 

Ultimately, a birth parent will have to decide if Adoption is in their own best interests and their child’s best interests. When making an adoption plan, a birth mother needs to consent to put up her child for Adoption. 

When you choose to make an adoption plan with The Law Office of Berkowitz & White PLLC, we will personally guide you through the adoption process. Deciding and choosing the right and perfect family for your child is entirely up to you. But we can help you find the right one and determine how many contacts you’d like to have with them after placement.

There is no pressure to make a decision when talking with us. We will treat you with respect and dignity and are here to support you no matter what you choose. 

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