Facing Unplanned Pregnancy and Not Yet Ready for Parenting! You Have Options

Unplanned Pregnancy and Not Yet Ready?

Facing Unplanned Pregnancy and Not Yet Ready for Parenting! You Have Options

An unplanned pregnancy has its challenges. There are many women who face unplanned pregnancy and are not ready to parent their children. Most of them want to explore unplanned pregnancy options. But they don’t know whom to reach out to for help. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed in this situation. But you don’t have to consider yourself alone. Always remember that support is available.

The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White offer the necessary support you need to make the right decision for you and your baby. We’ll inform you about your choices so that you can make the final decision carefully. Whatever you decide, we’ll respect your choice.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options that You Can Choose

·   Parenting the child

·   Putting your baby up for adoption

·   Placing your child in foster care

Parenting the Child

As the name suggests, a mother can parent her child with the help of others. As for yourself, is it possible for you now? If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are not ready to take care of a child, there might be a better option for you than parenting your child.

Placing Your Child in Foster Care

Birth mothers who want to place their children for a short span, foster care could be an option. However, you would need to work a case plan to get your baby back. Also, you would most likely not have a say in where your baby is placed.   

Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption

This is one of the most popular unplanned pregnancy options among pregnant women. If you are thinking about placing your child for adoption, you need to make an adoption plan. Our team will help you to create an adoption plan. Typically, there are three types of adoption plans.

·   Open adoption

·   Semi-open adoption

·   Closed adoption

You can create a custom adoption plan that suits you and your child the most.

You can choose the right adoptive family for your baby; our team will show you the profiles of pre-screened adoptive parents. If you wish, you can meet with the adoptive family before finalizing the adoption. We just want to make sure that you are confident in your choice.

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