Florida Adoption Advice: How to Show Thanks To Your Child’s Birth Family During Thanksgiving.

Florida Adoption Advice: How to Show Thanks To Your Child’s Birth Family During Thanksgiving.

If you’ve grown your family through Florida adoption, then you know just how much your child’s birth family means to both you and your child. They gave your family the greatest gift and selflessly chose an adoption plan for their child with the chance to lead the best life possible. This Thanksgiving consider showing some thanks to your child’s birth family. It would mean the world to them! 

Five Ways to Show Thanks To Your Child’s Birth Family This Thanksgiving

Send An Extra Update or Message. 

It’s easy to get caught in routine. It happens to all of us. Many parents who have grown their family through Florida adoption admit that they really only update the birth family when it falls within the predetermined schedule. However, going above and beyond and reaching out on a holiday or special day would really mean the world to them. This Thanksgiving, consider sending your child’s birth family an extra update or message. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it could simply be a note of thanks, reminding them just how much their decision to place baby for adoption means to you and your family. 

Share a Family Recipe + Ask For One of Their Favorites

Thanksgiving is all about cooking, right? Everyone has a favorite dish or recipe (here’s one of ours!) One great way to connect with your child’s birth family is to send them a recipe for a family favorite and ask for one of theirs in return. If you choose to make their dish on Thanksgiving, snap a picture and send it their way! Seeing their child enjoy their favorite dish would certainly bring a smile to their face. Plus, it’s a great way to start another conversation with your child about their birth family and their background. 

Have Your Child Make His/Her Birth Family a Special Craft or Work of Art. 

Who doesn’t love something handmade from their child? Sure, they’re not all Picasso, but it’s the thought and intention that counts! Consider sending the birth family a Thanksgiving-themed craft made by their child. This would warm their hearts and probably find a nice home on a refrigerator or memory board! 

Call/FaceTime The Birth Family or Send a Video Message 

Sometimes showing thanks is as simple as picking up the phone. If Florida Adoption is part of your family’s story, then you know just how much it would mean to a birth parent to hear their child’s voice or to FaceTime with them for just a couple of minutes. But what if their birth parent is busy on this special day? That’s okay, a pre-recorded message would work just fine too. 

Invite Your Child’s Birth Family To a Meal

Every post-adoption relationship is different, but if you feel comfortable, inviting your child’s birth family to a meal would be a wonderful way to show your appreciation towards them. It doesn’t have to be your family’s main Thanksgiving meal (although that would be amazing!), it could be the day before or after Thanksgiving, or even the following weekend. Regardless, giving the birth family another chance to spend time with the child would bring them so much joy. 

Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to gather and show thanks to those we love, as well as the community around us. We encourage you to extend that thanks to your child’s birth family, if the relationship allows it, and to use this holiday as another great opportunity to talk about adoption with your child.  

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