Should I Use A Florida Adoption Attorney or National Adoption Agency?

Florida Adoption Attorney or Large, National Agency?

Should I Use A Florida Adoption Attorney or National Adoption Agency?

When considering “giving my baby up for adoption,” many women wonder to themselves, “should I work with a Florida adoption attorney or a large, national adoption agency?”

That’s a great question. Given the differences between a Florida adoption attorney and a large, national adoption agency, it’s certainly something to think about when considering the path of adoption. While there’s no right answer, there are some key differences that warrant discussion. 

In last week’s blog, we outlined some of the ways that Florida adoption agencies differ from a Florida adoption attorney. We discussed how an adoption attorney is usually more available to expectant birth mothers when it comes to legal advice and expertise, and how women who work with a Florida adoption attorney often have more autonomy than those who work with an adoption agency. We also discussed how working with an attorney may give women more options when finding the right adoptive family, and provide efficient access to the valuable resources/support available to them.

In most cases, those observations remain true when it comes to comparing a Florida adoption attorney with a large, national agency. Sure, some of the larger agencies might have a huge pool of waiting adoptive parents to choose from, and some of them may not be as strict about a woman’s lifestyle or schedule during pregnancy. But in the end, it’s clear that using a local, Florida adoption attorney is often the best path for women who want to have complete autonomy over their situation, and who want to receive more efficient and personalized care. 

Expectant birth mothers don’t want to feel like they’re just another number. But sadly, that is often the case when working with a large, national adoption agency. 

The other thing to consider when choosing between a Florida adoption attorney or a large, national adoption agency is location. Adoption laws differ from state-to-state, so if the adoption agency’s attorney is licensed and operating in another state, that may make the adoption process more complicated for the expectant birth mother. Plus, many women want to meet with their attorney or social worker in person. Going through an unplanned pregnancy is tough, so receiving support and care in-person makes a huge difference. If you do choose to work with a large national adoption agency, our best advice is to find one that has local offices and staff that is willing to meet with you in-person. 

We know that there are plenty of large, national adoption agencies out there that you can choose from, and they’re probably popping up every time you search for something about adoption. But none of them can match the care and expertise of an experienced Florida adoption attorney. If you are considering making an adoption plan in Florida and need someone to talk to, call The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC  at (877) 777-5070. 

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