“Give Up For Adoption” or “Place For Adoption?”

Give up for adoption vs place baby for adoption

“Give Up For Adoption” or “Place For Adoption?”

When expectant mothers talk about adoption, they often use the phrase “give up for adoption.” This is a phrase that arose from a rather negative moment in history: the “Baby Scoop era” of the mid-1900s. During this time, an expectant mother’s choice to make an adoption plan was framed in language like “give up for adoption,” “give away,” or “put baby up for adoption.” 

Sadly, during the “Baby Scoop era” the phrase “give up for adoption” was rather accurate. Women who faced an unplanned pregnancy during this era (or as they would say back then, “out of wedlock.”) didn’t have the choices that women have today. They often were compelled or forced to “give up” their baby for adoption without choosing the adoptive parents or knowing if they were going to a safe and loving place. 

We completely understand that women who use the phrase “give up for adoption,” don’t mean it in a negative way. However, as Florida adoption attorneys, we do our best to use positive adoption language – a way of speaking/writing that avoids perpetuating any negative connotations or stereotypes about the adoption process. When we talk about a woman’s choice to pursue adoption, rather than say “give up for adoption” we use the phrase “place for adoption.” 

Why use “place for adoption” rather than “give up for adoption?” Well, this phrase better reflects the reality of what most birth mothers experience today. It demonstrates that the birth mother’s decision was carefully planned and well thought out. Women who “place their baby” for adoption are making purposeful choices with their baby’s best interest in mind. And today, adoption doesn’t mean the end of a relationship. Most adoptions today are open adoptions, where the birth mother maintains some degree contact with her child and the adoptive family after the adoption papers are signed.Openness allows birth mothers to truly move forward with life by providing a peace of mind.

If you’ve found this page because you searched “give up for adoption,” we hope that this explanation has shown you just how much adoption has changed for the better. If you are pregnant in Florida, and need someone to talk to, The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC would gladly sit down and explain how an adoption plan works. If you choose to make an adoption plan with us, we would then proceed to walk you through the adoption process, help you gain birth mother support and find adoptive parents in Florida that are right for you and your baby. 

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