Grandparent Adoption in Florida: “Can My Parents Adopt My Baby?”

Grandparent Adoption in Florida

Grandparent Adoption in Florida: “Can My Parents Adopt My Baby?”

Many women who find themselves dealing with an unplanned pregnancy ask us, “Can my parents adopt my baby?” The answer is yes. Grandparent adoption in Florida is a selfless and loving act that impacts the lives of those involved forever. In fact, many grandparents who have adopted say that it was one of the best decisions they ever made.

Let’s look at what grandparent adoption in Florida entails, so you can better understand if this is the right option for you and the baby. 

When Should a Grandparent Adoption Take Place?

While grandparent adoption is often great for all parties involved, isn’t always the right option. Grandparent adoption in Florida can be a lengthy process and can cause tension in the family, so let’s look at some scenarios when it’s the best choice and when it isn’t.

If the grandparents are already raising the child permanently, then having them legally adopt the child is recommended. As their legal parent, they’ll be able to enroll them in school, get them a passport, make medical decisions for them, and help them with other ordinary tasks without added hiccups surrounding their guardianship. If you are pregnant in Florida, and know that you won’t be able to adequately care for the baby right now, this might be a good option for you. 

Sometimes grandparent adoption happens after the death of the biological parents. In other cases, it’s necessary to keep the child safe and in a more stable home. If these scenarios are the case, it’s important to start the adoption process as soon as possible so that the child is protected.

If the situation is temporary, then grandparent adoption isn’t necessary. This could happen if the biological parents are deployed or incarcerated. In this scenario, the grandparents could still serve as their grandchild’s caregiver, and make most important decisions on their behalf. 

Is The Grandparent Adoption Process Difficult?

Like any other adoption, the process might seem overwhelming at first. But remember, you are not the first person to go through this, and you are certainly not the last. In fact, grandparent adoption in Florida is rather common. Any Florida adoption attorney should be comfortable with the process, plus the courts here in Florida actually expedite relative adoptions. If everything is in order, the process should be rather smooth. In many cases, grandparent adoptions can be completed in just a month or two. 

What Does The Grandparent Adoption Process Look Like? 

The first step in a grandparent adoption is obtaining the consent to adopt from all parties involved. This includes the grandparents, biological parents, and the child, if they are over the age of 12. Once these are obtained, they’ll be filed in court alongside a petition to terminate the parental rights of the biological parents. There are other supporting documents that must be filed as well, along with the birth certificates of the children and any past court orders regarding their custody.

Once everything is correctly submitted, the case will be assigned to a judge. This can take a few weeks, but once it’s done your Florida adoption attorney can call the judicial office and schedule a hearing. The judge will review the case at the hearing and make a decision. In many cases, a ruling is made on the day of the hearing. Oftentimes, the biological parent’s rights are terminated and the grandparent’s rights are recognized on the same day.

Once the ruling has been made, and the grandparents rights are recognized, the attorney will send along the proper paperwork to show that the grandparents are now the child’s legal parents. The child’s birth certificates will be amended to show this change, as well.

What Happens If The Biological Parents Won’t Terminate Their Rights? 

If one or both of the biological parents are not willing to terminate their rights, the grandparents can file a private petition to terminate parental rights.This is usually done if there is a belief that the child is in a dangerous situation. This process is significantly more difficult, but not impossible. If the grandparents can prove that the biological parents have emotionally and financially abandoned the child, the court will rule to terminate their rights without their consent.

What Are the Costs of Grandparent Adoption?

The fees around relative or grandparent adoption in Florida are relatively low. There will certainly be some attorney fees, but many people do qualify for an adoption tax credit. This will reduce the recipients’ income taxes by the amount of adoption expenses that they had to pay. 

Is a Home Study Required for Grandparent Adoption?

An adoption home study is not required for grandparent adoption in Florida. This decision is partly what makes the process quicker and easier than other adoptions.

Need Help With a Grandparent Adoption in Florida?

The most vital part of the grandparent adoption process is hiring a great adoption attorney who can guide you and support your family during the process. 

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