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Ready To Adopt?
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Adoption provides so many benefits and unique opportunities to both change children’s lives and to enrich the life of the adoptive parent or family.

By adopting a child, you are giving that child a chance to live a fuller, better life. You are, in effect, giving life to life.

For all the good that comes through Adoption, the adoption process can be confusing and frustrating. Our firm specializes in adoptions. We provide the support, knowledge, expertise, and attention to help make your Adoption as smooth as possible. We’ve been here before, we know what to expect, and we know that even the tiny details matter

How Can We Help
Our Adoption Service


Adoption Application

The prospective adoptive parents must complete our adoption application to kickstart the adoption journey.



A home study determines the eligibility of the prospective adoptive parents and needs to be completed before adopting a child. It is valid for one year after the date of its completion.

Matching and placement

The prospective adoptive parent gets matched and finally placed with a child. Berkowitz & White guides and oversees the adoption process from beginning to end.

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Post Placement Services

After you bring your child home, you must complete the post placement visits as required by Florida law

Home Study Requirement

A home study determines the suitability of the intended adoptive parents. It can be completed prior to identifying the adoptive child. It is valid for one year after the date of its completion.

Issues that may be explored during an adoption study:

  • Ability to provide for a child’s physical and emotional needs.
  • Feelings about parenting an adopted child and the ability to make a commitment to a child placed in the home.
  • Type of child family seeks to adopt.
  • Family’s child-rearing practices, experiences, and beliefs.
  • Information concerning marital relationship, emotional, and financial status, etc.
  • Description of the family’s home and community

A child cannot be placed in a prospective adoptive home without a preliminary favorable homestudy


Our purpose is to facilitate the exchange of photographs and other information between adoptive families and birth families who wish to remain connected yet maintain their privacy.

The climate of adoption is fortunately changing. Adoptions, once upon a time, were characterized in negative terms. There was a sense of once a child was placed for adoption, the child’s history was not relevant. However, over time, we have trended toward openness in adoptions for the benefit of all parties. Birth parents who place their children for adoption no longer have to fear that they will never learn of the child that they conceived. By promoting communication between the birth parents and adoptive parents, the birth parents can watch their children grow and reap the benefit of knowing that a loving and selfless decision was made for the child. The adoptive parents also benefit from this continuing communication because they no longer have to fear the inevitable questions about the birth parent.

Adoption Process

Application and interview


Adoption homestudy


Matching with a birth mom and preparing for the baby


Baby is born and consent for adoption is signed by the Birth Mother


Baby is released to your custody from the hospital with favorable home study requirement having been met


File all legal documents with court and complete adoption requirements


Frequently Asked Questions

First, it is highly recommended that an adoptive family undergo a Home Study. Under Florida law, prospective adoptive parents must receive a preliminary favorable Home Study with the exception of an adoption by a stepparent or relative. A Home Study is a report that determines the suitability of the prospective adoptive parents. The Home Study includes both criminal and child abuse clearances. A Home Study can be performed by a licensed agency or professional. Referrals can be made for a Home Study Provider.

It completely depends on certain factors that may or may not be under your control. The more stringent requirements that adoptive parents have in being matched with a birth mother, the longer the process could be. No one can provide you with any definitive answer on how long it will take. It is important to work closely with your attorney to monitor your profile exposure.

Yes. As a matter of fact, there is no home study requirement for relative or step-parent adoptions. Relative adoptions extend as far as the third line of consanguinity.

You will create a profile, which will show your family. Your profile will include information that can help a birth parent learn about you. The profile is not your life story and therefore will not disclose confidential or personal information. The profile will consist of pictures, general information about your family, and maybe poems or art that represents you. We will help you with your profile or recommend a profile specialist. You do not have to do this alone!

Our Waiting Families​

Thank You Note

I remember feeling helpless. I didn’t know how to get Medicaid; I didn’t know how to find the right family; I didn’t even know how the adoption process worked….I was intimidated by the situation and couldn’t accept the fact that this pregnancy was a blessing and not just a “situation”. So THANK YOU for not giving up on me and for having so much patience with me. Thank you for showing me the beauty of choosing adoption.

Birth Mom

Elizabeth is a compassionate and thoughtful human being. My husband and I were excited, yet had some anxieties about adoption. We didn’t know what to expect. We met Elizabeth who walked us through and always made sure we knew we were an important part of the whole adoption process. She answered every question and stood with us until our adoption was final. In the world of confusion and anxiety, she brought calm. Thank you Elizabeth. Now our family is complete!


Stephanie is doing this for the right reason. It's like this is her ministry.


We highly recommend and love Elizabeth Berkowitz, our adoption attorney! She has been our adoption attorney for both our 2 boys and we had incredible experiences with her. She is highly professional, extremely genuine in her care, and works hard on both the behalf of the birth family as well as the adoptive parents. She treats us with high respect and becomes a part of oura adoption family by the end of the process. It is hard to find adoption attorneys/agencies with as high of caliber as her! You are not just a number, but a family to be taken care of through the process. She has made our adoption process that much easier for us in the midst of all the ups and downs of adoption.


Thank you for helping me and journey with all the legal necessities. Thank you for not only being my amazing lawyer, but also a friend. And most of all, thank you for helping us find the perfect family for our baby! I thank God for guiding us to you and for working everything out perfectly. We could NOT have done it without you! Thank you!

Birth Mom

How can I ever thank you for my child? You have given us a gift that feels miraculous. You truly do God’s work in the faxes, focus, phone calls and fedexes you deal with. I hope there is a special place in heaven for people like you. You make the world -and my world in particular- a wonderful, hopeful place.

Adoptive Family

You’ve given us a gift that just keeps giving! Our baby is almost 1 year old now! He is the best thing to ever happen to us and is filling our lives with joy! Thank you!

Adoptive Family

Thank you with all my heart! I am so grateful for all your time and energy spent on our case. You have given me the most incredible gift. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

Adoptive Family

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