How to a Find a Loving Adoptive Family for My Baby in Florida

How to Find a Loving Adoptive Family for My Baby

How to a Find a Loving Adoptive Family for My Baby in Florida

Iam pregnant and thinking about giving my baby up for adoption. How can I find a loving adoptive family for my baby in Florida? The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White have helped many women navigate unplanned pregnancies. We suggest you make an adoption plan. Our caring and experienced adoption workers will guide you. Making an adoption plan will help you to get a loving adoptive family for your baby.

Tips to Find Out the Right Adoptive Family for Your Baby

Pre-Screened, Home Study Approved Families

There are many pre-screened, home study-approved families available on our website. As per the law, these families must pass background clearances, financial, criminal, and medical checks, and home inspections. We’ll help you to select the right family for your child.

Make the Right Decision

When a pregnant woman wants us to help her in the adoption plan creation, we can tell her about adoption and show her our families.  She will decide the best for herself and her child. There is no pressure from us to place the baby for adoption. We always respect what she decides.

Birth Mother Services

A pregnant woman who is considering putting her child up for adoption is eligible to get financial assistance with

Telephone service




Maternity clothing


Medical insurance

Florida law allows adoptive parents to assist the expectant mother during her pregnancy and up to six weeks post-delivery.

Post-Adoption Relationship

It is important to know that in today’s world, adoption does not have to be the end of your relationship with your child. The level of contact you’d like to have with your child and the adoptive family is up to you.

Find an Adoptive Family for Your Child with Us

You can’t plan your pregnancy, but you certainly plan your adoption journey. An adoption attorney like The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White can help you find the right adoptive family for your child. You are just a call away from us. Remember, calling or talking to us never obligates you to choose adoption for your child. Contact us for further information.

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Get The Right Advice

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