How to Start the Adoption Process in Florida?

Adoption process in Florida

How to Start the Adoption Process in Florida?

Starting the adoption process in Florida may seem complicated. We hear birth mothers often worry about the difficulties associated with this process. They feel overwhelmed. One reason birth mothers are overwhelmed is the decision of choosing an adoption agency or attorney. 

Choosing the right adoption agency or attorney is one of the most important decisions in the adoption process. Getting around the clock support and help is vital. Adoption attorneys like The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White, PLLC. (Should not be a period after PLLC) provide more flexibility, care, and help to pregnant moms like you so that you can make the right decision for you and your baby. We help birth mothers decide whether adoption is right for them. It’s our goal to make this experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Adoption process in Florida with The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White, PLLC.

  • Our dedicated adoption professional will guide you through the adoption process. We are available for you 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  • Our pre-adoption counseling session helps you decide which adoption plan suits you and your child.
  • We never pressure you to place your child for adoption as we feel adoption is a choice. You may opt out of the adoption process at any time.
  • You can get assistance with rent, medical insurance, and other living expenses according to Florida law.
  • We will help you customize the adoption plan you choose (open, semi-open, closed) based on your preferences.
  • As a mother, you’ll fully control the adoption process, including choosing your child’s adoptive family.
  • You can choose the relationship you want with the adoptive family members post-adoption.
  • You can use AdoptSwap for post-birth communications with your adoptive family and child.
  • Post-adoption counseling will help you to get back to your routine. 

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Are you pregnant and considering adoption for your baby in Florida? You are never alone. The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White, PLLC. is ready to help you. Our caring and experienced staff members can explain to you how the process works. Contact us today to get the right advice. It is 100% free and confidential.  

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