I am a Pregnant College Student and Not Ready to Parent the Child. How to Start with Adoption for My Baby?

Adoption for My Baby

I am a Pregnant College Student and Not Ready to Parent the Child. How to Start with Adoption for My Baby?

I am pregnant with my first child and planning to choose adoption for my baby. I am in my sophomore year and want to focus on my studies now. So, raising a child currently in this situation is impossible for me!

How to start with the adoption process? Who can I talk to? Do I need to pay anything to put my child up for adoption? What do I do now? Putting your baby up for adoption is not giving up. It’s a courageous and loving choice with your child’s best interest in mind.

The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White, PLLC. is here to help you plan adoption for your baby.

How does the Process Work? 

Get to Know About the Adoption Process

When any pregnant woman considering adoption contacts us for assistance, we help her understand all the unplanned pregnancy options available for her. Our pre-adoption counseling session helps you decide which adoption plan suits you and your child.

 Birth Mother Services

For women considering adoption and deciding to make an adoption plan for their baby, we at The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White, PLLC, will collect all the necessary information from you, including your medical and social history, and assist you with living expenses.

These expenses may include housing rent, basic telephone services, utilities, food, maternity clothing, toiletries, medical insurance, transportation cost etc.

Find Out the Right Adoptive Family

Finding out the right adoptive family is a crucial part of the adoption. So, we are here to help a birth mother with additional information and insights so that they can find out the right adoptive family for her child. You’ll be able to pick from a long list of pre-screened and home-study-approved loving family profiles. A birth mother can meet with the adoptive family if she wishes to see them.

Create an Adoption Plan

The adoptive family and the birth mother generally create an adoption plan as part of their adoption roadmap. This adoption plan includes the type of adoption based on the post-adoption relationship they want. There are three types of adoption plans available- open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption.

Plan for Placement

The mother must execute a consent for adoption on the day she is discharged from the hospital. After that, the baby will stay with the adoptive family members.

Thinking About Adoption for Your Child? We are Ready to Help You

If you’re considering adoption or want to learn about how this adoption works, The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC would be happy to help you. Remember, talking to us in no way obligates you to choose adoption. It is 100% free and confidential. Call us at (561) 841-3065/ (850) 610- 4166.

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