I Am In The Last Trimester Of My Pregnancy. Can I Still Choose Adoption For My Baby?

Choose adoption for my baby

I Am In The Last Trimester Of My Pregnancy. Can I Still Choose Adoption For My Baby?

Are you in your third trimester and thinking, “Can I still choose adoption for your baby?” The answer is yes, absolutely! Amongst all the available options, adoption is a selfless decision.  At any time while you are pregnant, or even after you give birth, you can choose adoption.  During your third trimester is a great time to process your pregnancy and think about your available options. 

Here’s what you should know about the steps in choosing adoption late into your pregnancy.

Select a Florida-Based Licensed Adoption Organization such as the Law Offices of Berkowitz and White. Contacting us will not obligate you to choose adoption. You can give us a call or text us to discuss the adoption process in-depth confidentially.

Understand the Birth Mother Services & Create an Adoption Plan

Choose the best adoptive parents for your child. Even if you are in your third trimester, we can help you find adoptive parents.   You will be able to pick the family and even possibly meet them before birth.  Meeting the adoptive parents helps you to feel secure in your decision.

Create a Hospital Plan and Get Ready for Placement

During your last trimester, we will work with you to plan what you want to happen while you are in the hospital with your baby and adoptive parents.  You have forty-eight hours after giving birth before you can sign the consent to adoption.  We will make sure you understand everything you are signing prior to the consent proceeding.  We will also help you prepare yourself for life after adoption. We connect birth mothers with counselors who can walk them through the adoption process.

If you’re considering adoption in your last trimester and not ready to be a parent yet, it’s never too late to contact us and learn more about your options.

I’ve already delivered a baby. Now what?

Don’t worry. You can still make an adoption plan after giving birth to a baby! We will work with you to pick a family and determine the openness of the adoption.  If possible, we will arrange a meeting between you and the adoptive parents. We want you to feel secure in your decisions.

Choosing adoption means giving the best life possible to your child. We are here to help you 24/7 so that you can make the right decision for you and your child. Do call us at (561) 841- 3065 or (850) 610- 4166. It is 100% free.

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