I am pregnant and need help putting my baby up for Adoption in Florida

Pregnant need help

I am pregnant and need help putting my baby up for Adoption in Florida

A pregnant woman who needs help giving her baby up for adoption goes through an overwhelming situation. She must understand how the adoption process works when she decides to place her baby for adoption. Contacting the right adoption agency or an attorney, like The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC, can help her make an informed decision for her and her baby.

How to Put Your Baby Up for Adoption in Florida With Us?

Talk to An Adoption Counselor

The first step towards placing your baby for adoption is to contact us. We’ll discuss how to start the process and set a time to meet at your convenience. As a mother, you must decide what suits you and your child best.

Choose the Right Adoption Plan

Your adoption plan can be as unique as your adoption journey. We will help you in creating a custom adoption plan if needed. Typically, there are three types of adoption plans for you to select from:

Open adoption
Semi-open adoption
Closed adoption

Find the Adoptive Parents

You can meet with the adoptive family members based on the type of adoption plan you choose. Your adoption attorney can help you select your child’s adoptive family based on your preference.

Get Birth Mother Support

When making an adoption plan for your baby, you can be eligible to get financial support as permitted by the FL state law. If a pregnant woman cannot take care of her child, she can get help with reasonable living expenses up to 6 weeks postpartum.

This birth mother support includes:

Maternity Clothing
Medical Bills
Telephone services

Transfer the Parental Right

Adoption attorneys of The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC will help you to transfer the parental rights to the adoptive family after your child’s birth.

Use AdoptSwap for Communication with Your Child

Depending on your selected adoption plan, you can use AdoptSwap to communicate with the adoptive family and child. Adopt Swap is one of the best mediums to stay in touch with your baby. It helps exchange photographs and other information between adoptive and birth families who wish to stay connected yet maintain their privacy.

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