I’m Pregnant And Considering Adoption In Florida. Should I Contact An Adoption Agency Or Attorney?

Pregnant and considering adoption in Florida

I’m Pregnant And Considering Adoption In Florida. Should I Contact An Adoption Agency Or Attorney?

If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Florida, we understand how restless and confused you must be feeling now. You might be wondering whether you should reach out to an adoption agency or a more established Florida adoption attorney to understand how the adoption process works

Should I Contact Adoption Agency Or An Adoption Attorney?

Whether you are working with an adoption agency in Florida or an adoption attorney like us, both are ethical and licensed adoption service providers committed to giving you the best guidance and quality service to help you make an informed decision. However, there are a few differences an expectant mother needs to understand when considering adoption in Florida:

Legal Service: Florida adoption attorneys like us often provide more sound and consistent legal advice than adoption agencies. The reason being is that adoption agencies usually require an outside attorney. Adoption attorneys already know and understand the legal side of adoption and are more readily available to help with it. They are required in every adoption to reach finalization.

Expectant Parent Autonomy: Adoption agencies require the birth mother to follow strict rules and routines. For example, some adoption agencies require that an agency staff escort the birth mother for each prenatal appointment or live in a certain place during her pregnancy. Adoption attorneys tend to provide more autonomy, allowing the expectant mother to lead her own life, provide financial assistance as permissible by Florida law and help make the choices she feels are best for her and her baby.

Birth Mother Service: Birth mothers who work with large adoption agencies often say that it takes multiple days for their caseworkers to get back to them regarding important services. For example, approval for financial assistance or access to counseling and support. Adoption attorneys like us work directly with the expectant mother to respond to needs and concerns in real-time. They tend to provide more personalized service and experience for the birth mother.

Choosing Adoptive Family: Adoption attorneys utilize nationwide networks and accommodate a larger array of personal preferences to help pregnant moms choose the perfect adoptive family for their babies. Adoption agencies often limit pregnant moms’ options to the currently waiting adoptive families on their list.

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