Important Information About Creating An Adoption Plan In Florida

Creating an adoption plan in Florida

Important Information About Creating An Adoption Plan In Florida

Are you pregnant and looking for information about creating an adoption plan in Florida? Florida law allows both licensed adoption attorneys and child-placing agencies to serve as an adoption entity to assist women facing an unplanned pregnancy. You can be of any age to pursue adoption as a choice. If you are below legal age, your parent or legal guardian has to be a witness to your consent to adoption. 

The Law Offices of Berkowitz and White recognize the overwhelming emotions involved in adoption. Our compassionate team of attorneys and counselors can guide you through several options that are available to give your child a chance for a loving and secure future. We are available for you around the clock to explain the adoption process in-depth. 

Creating an adoption plan for your baby is not giving up. It’s a selfless and courageous decision with your child’s best interest in mind. Coping with unexpected pregnancies always requires courage to navigate and understand pieces of information to make the best decision for you and your baby. Your selfless gift will help the adoptive parent you choose to welcome a baby into their lives and grow together as a family. We will also help you obtain the birth mother support you need during and up to six weeks after your pregnancy. We are here for you, whatever circumstance and direction you are leaning toward. We will never pressure you to make an adoption plan. 

Call us at (877) 777-5070 or text us at (561) 841-3065 or (850) 610-4166. Get free and no obligation support and adoption information from our caring team today. 


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