Is Open Adoption the Right Choice for My Baby?

Open Adoption for My Baby

Is Open Adoption the Right Choice for My Baby?

I am pregnant and planning to choose an open adoption for my baby. As a mother, I feel guilty for giving my child up for adoption in Florida. But taking care of the child all by myself is difficult for me. So, I have to put my child up for adoption. I heard if I choose an open adoption plan, I can contact the adoptive parents post-placement. Is that true?

At The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC, we can help you to understand if open adoption is the right choice for you and your baby.

Open adoption is an adoption plan where the birth mother and adoptive parents exchange basic information like names and phone numbers, so they are able to have contact post-placement.  Open adoption and semi-open adoption (where the birth mother receives pictures and letters) are the most popular adoption plans birth mothers choose. As a mother, you should know the benefits of choosing an open adoption for your child.

Benefits of Open Adoption

A birth mother can feel more connected with the adoptive family and her child.

A larger support network is possible for the birth mother because it will include the adoptive family.

A birth mother can have higher self-esteem knowing that she placed her child with a family that she has met and can continue to talk with through Adoptswap, via text, or through email.

A birth mother can meet with the adoptive family members in person if possible.

Adoptive parents can access the medical information of the birth mother.

The birth mother will have a greater sense of satisfaction with the adoption process.

The child will get to know about the birth mother’s identity. It’ll give them a sense of completeness.

A birth mother can process emotions easily after the open adoption as she can stay in touch with the adoptive parents.

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