My Baby is Just Born. Can I Get Adoption Help Now?

Baby Just Born? Adoption Help?

My Baby is Just Born. Can I Get Adoption Help Now?

I had an unexpected pregnancy. My baby is just born, and I need adoption help in Florida. I have already done extensive research and found out that adoption will be the best option for my baby. So, I want to place my baby for adoption. Is there any adoption agency/attorney near me that can help me start the adoption process?

There must be many adoption agencies near you. If you want to work with a trusted, local adoption attorney- contact The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White, PLLC.

How Can You Get Adoption Help from Us?

·       Once you decide to give your child up for adoption, the next step will be to start the adoption process. Our adoption counselors will help you.

·       Typically, there are three adoption plans available for birth mothers- open, semi-open, and closed.

·       You can choose the best plan for you and your child. If needed, you can create a customized adoption plan for your child.

·       Depending on the type of adoption plan you have selected, you can meet with the adoptive parents before finalizing the adoption.

·       After selecting the adoptive parents for your child, your adoption attorney will help you to complete the adoption process.

·       You will be able to get birth mother’s assistance that includes rent, medical bills, maternity clothing, telephone bills, and travel allowance up to six weeks post-delivery. Remember to make an adoption plan to get these benefits.

·       If you have chosen an open or semi-open adoption plan, you can get the photographs, information, and video of the child through the AdoptSwap portal. This portal is 100% secured and allows you to exchange pictures and information between adoptive and birth families.

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