“Put My Baby Up For Adoption” – Positive vs. Negative Adoption Language

put my baby up for adoption

“Put My Baby Up For Adoption” – Positive vs. Negative Adoption Language

You’ve probably heard people use the phrase, “put my baby up for adoption.” It’s pretty common in our culture. Well, as adoption attorneys, it’s something we hear almost weekly from women considering their pregnancy options. While we understand why women use this phrase, we prefer to use positive adoption language. 

Positive vs. Negative Adoption Language

Positive adoption language is a way of speaking/writing that avoids perpetuating any negative connotations or stereotypes about adoption or the process of “placing baby for adoption.” In contrast, the phrase “put my baby up for adoption,” is an example of negative adoption language. 

What Makes “Put My Baby Up For Adoption,” Negative? 

Well, there actually is some pretty negative history behind the phrase.  According to The Center for Family Services, “the term originated from the Orphan Train Movement of the mid 1800s, when homeless children from the cities were taken to the countryside and “put up” on stage for landowners to select. These children became the landowner’s property and were taken home to work as field hands.” 

Given this history, we feel it’s best to use new phrasing when talking about adoption as a pregnancy option. Why? Because adoption today is nothing like it was in the past. In fact, women can now choose between open or closed adoption. This means the birth parent(s) can choose to stay in contact with their baby, if they wish. May birth mothers do choose to have some form of open adoption. This arrangement often allows them to best move forward with life, knowing that they’ll see their child again.

What Phrase Should People Use When Talking About Adoption?

Rather than, “put my baby up for adoption,” we prefer to say, “make an adoption plan.” This phrase better reflects the reality of what most birth mothers experience today. It demonstrates that the birth mothers decision was carefully planned and well thought out. Women who make adoption plans today are making purposeful choices with their baby’s best interest in mind. 

Words are powerful. We all know that. The way we talk helps us communicate with one another. It also helps us convey our emotions, our beliefs and our intentions. The words we choose to speak in our everyday life help shape our views of the world and the views of others. That’s why positive adoption language is so important to us. 

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