What You Need To Know: Putting a Baby Up For Adoption When You Have Other Kids.

Putting Baby Up For Adoption

What You Need To Know: Putting a Baby Up For Adoption When You Have Other Kids.

If you’re currently pregnant, then “putting your baby up for adoption,” is certainly still an option for you. In fact, it wouldn’t be very different from any other adoption situation. You would follow the traditional adoption process, and may be eligible to receive birth mother services. This type of assistance is available up to six weeks after the birth of your baby. 

The Process of Putting a Baby Up For Adoption

If you’ve already given birth, you have several additional options. In Florida, if your baby is seven days old or less, you are able to legally abandon them at a Safe Haven location. These are often places like fire stations, hospitals or other medical centers. Babies that are abandoned at Safe Haven locations may be placed in the Florida foster care system. However, most women try to avoid placing their child into foster care. In that case, the other option would be private adoption. This path would allow you to choose the right adoptive family to raise your baby. It would also leave the door open for you to have contact with your baby in the future through open adoption.

Believe it or not, post-birth adoption is actually not that uncommon or complicated. Many women who feel that they cannot provide for another child choose this path. It’s a great way to ensure that their baby will have every opportunity to lead a happy and successful life . 

What’s Next?

If you’re going through an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy right now, we imagine that you might feel overwhelmed or anxious. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do this alone. If you’re scared to talk to your partner or family about “putting baby up for adoption,” you can always reach out to The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC, or one of the many other Florida adoption agencies in your area. We offer judgement-free Florida pregnancy counseling and legal advice to women considering an adoption plan, whether that be during their pregnancy, on the day of the baby’s birth or even after the baby has been born. 

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