The Best Adoption Agency in Florida Said that Adoption Attorneys Can Never Help Me Find the Best Adoptive Family for My Baby! Is This True?

Best Adoption Agency in Florida

The Best Adoption Agency in Florida Said that Adoption Attorneys Can Never Help Me Find the Best Adoptive Family for My Baby! Is This True?

I am unexpectedly pregnant and called one of the best adoption agency in Florida to learn about the adoption process.

I was informed that only adoption agencies are best positioned to help me create an adoption plan for my baby. They can quickly help me find the right adoptive family for my child. Does it mean that adoption attorneys cannot help a birth mother choose the right adoptive family for the child?

The answer to this question is NO. The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White have helped many women navigate their unplanned pregnancy options. If you decide to put your baby up for adoption, we would be happy to guide you in this process. We will also help you find the right adoptive parents for your child. It is 100% free.

Things You Need to Know About Us

Pre-Screened and Home-Study Approved Families

As per the law, The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White can only place a baby with home-study-approved adoptive families. Hopeful adoptive parents undergo extensive screening. The criminal background verification and central abuse registry check also take place. We assure you that any family you choose will provide your child with a safe, secure, and loving home.

 Make a Conscious Choice

We always make one thing clear to pregnant women. We can only help you to navigate unplanned pregnancy options. Ultimately, you need to make a choice. The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White will never pressure you to choose adoption for your baby.

Avail Birth Mother Benefits

When making an adoption plan, you may get assistance with living and uninsured medical expenses as permitted by law. Florida Law allows adoptive parents to help the pregnant mother during her pregnancy and up to six weeks after pregnancy.

These expenses include telephone service, food, toiletries, maternity clothing, transportation, medical insurance, and costs related to the health and well-being of you and your child.

Relationships After Adoption

Every adoption situation is different. Placing your child with the adoptive family does not mean that you cannot stay in touch with your child. However, the level of contact you’d like to have with your baby and the adoptive family is entirely up to you.

Adoptswap helps to exchange photographs and other information between adoptive families and birth families who want to stay connected yet maintain their privacy.

Find Out the Right Adoptive Family with Us

If you want to talk to a Florida adoption attorney, we are available 365 days a year. The Law Offices of Berkowitz & White PLLC provide unmatched care and great support for birth mothers. Our team is happy to help you explore unplanned pregnancy options and place your baby with the right adoptive family. Do give us a call today at (561) 841-3065/ (850) 610- 4166 for further assistance. It is 100% free and confidential.

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