The Complete Guide to Transracial Adoptions

The Complete Guide to Transracial Adoptions

Every child deserves a parent. 

Parents adopt 135,000 children in the United States every year. But thousands of other children wait to be adopted. Many parents want to adopt but have many questions about adopting a child.

One common question is race. A parent of any racial background can adopt a child of any racial background. But parents wonder about how they can raise a child of a different background. 

Understand how transracial adoptions work, and you can get started today. Here is a quick guide. 

How to Adopt

The first thing you need to know is how to adopt. Adoption laws in Florida set a number of regulations, but you can manage them with the help of an adoption entity or agency.  In Florida, you must use an attorney, such as myself, or an agency to facilitate the adoption. .As an adoption attorney, I’ve helped dozens of families find the perfect child for them. 

You begin by submitting an application to adopt. The application lists your personal information and your preferences.

Once you submit your application, you must complete a home study. A home study provider will interview you and conduct a background check. The provider will determine the safety of your home and your financial security. 

If the home study goes well, you can be matched with a mom looking to make an adoption plan. . Once the baby is born, the mom and dad ill sign consents to the adoption. Your baby will get to go home with you, and in 4-5 months, the adoption will be final! 

The First Steps for Transracial Adoptions

If you are adopting a child from a different racial background, there are a few things you can do.  Consider your thoughts on the background of the child you are adopting. 

Start educating yourself about race. Listen to speeches, watch movies, and look at art from different races. 

Educate yourself on your child’s background. If they come from a family that speaks another language, learn that language as much as possible.

Learn about different races, beyond your identity or your child’s identity. A home that is conducive to transracial adoptions is an environment that accepts and loves people of all backgrounds. Have conversations where you can address your feelings and hear new perspectives. Do not burden people with work that you should perform. But listen to what other people are saying so you can check your perspective.

Think about your community. Look into the history of BIPOC in your area. Ask yourself if this is a productive place to raise a child of a different background.

Think about your family. Ask yourself if they would accept someone of a different racial background. Recommend resources for them to broaden their perspective. 

Raising Your Child

Understand that your child may have different needs than you. Your child may need different hair and skincare treatments. Be prepared to accommodate them

Be prepared to make mistakes.

You might say or do something that will hurt your child’s feelings. You should work to avoid making those mistakes, but know you might. The key is to apologize and learn from your mistake, not to ignore it. 

Talk to your child about race. Buy them picture books with people from their racial and ethnic background. Show them art and media produced by and featuring people from their background. 

Listen to your child about their experiences. Ask them questions about what their friends and teachers say.

 As your child gets older, they will go into the community without you. Prepare them for when they leave home.  

It is okay to tell your child about your own cultural identity. Celebrate holidays that are related to your identity. Show them books and movies that relate to your story, especially if you come from a minority background. 

But make sure they have room to explore their heritage. Allow them to determine their cultural identity. Be willing to answer their questions and give them motivation.

The most important thing that any parent of an adopted child can do is love them. Treat your child as more important than yourself. Fight for them every day, and give them the resources they need to thrive. 

Adopt the Right Way

Adoption is quite a responsibility. When you are engaging in transracial adoptions, your responsibility can be profound.

Adoptions require a formal application and a long interview process. Parents of any racial background can adopt children from any racial background. 

Consider yourself, your family, and your environment before adopting.

Talk to your child, but listen to them whenever they tell you a story. Give them the resources they need to explore themselves in all that they are. 

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