Why Is an Adoption Birth Plan Important? 8 Reasons You Should Have One in Place

Why Is an Adoption Birth Plan Important? 8 Reasons You Should Have One in Place

Although only 34.7% of women have a birth plan noted in their medical records, it is a crucial step that you should not skip.

Whether you are the mother or an adoption family, having an adoption birth plan will help ease everyone’s minds as the due date gets closer. A hospital stay can be overwhelming, even without the emotional adoption element.

Since you are most likely wondering what the big day will be like, a birth plan will help calm everyone on the big day.

What exactly does an adoption birth plan entail? First, we will discuss what it is and why it is essential to have one in place.

What Is an Adoption Birth Plan?

An adoption birth plan is similar to the adoption plan you have already made. The birth plan is a written document that lists your preferences while giving birth. The big day is overwhelming and emotional, but having a plan will help ease the anxious feelings.

A birth plan may sound complicated, but it is helpful identifying any issues or concerns so that you can discuss them with the adoption professional.

The birth plan will outline what exactly should happen on the due date so everyone will know where to be and what to expect.

Reasons to Have a Birth Plan

There are eight main reasons why you need to have a birth plan in place before your big day.

  1. Communication – Everyone should be on the same page when it comes to delivery day.
  2. Preparation will help give everyone involved peace of mind.
  3. Includes just-in-case options, so nobody is caught off guard.
  4. It gives you a chance to research and consider different options ahead of time.
  5. You may not feel up to talking during delivery; a birth plan will help alleviate any hospital questions.
  6. It enables the care providers to ensure you are getting everything you require or request.
  7. It allows you to ask any questions you may have for the adoptive family or care providers ahead of time.
  8. Ensures you are getting the best experience possible on delivery day.

Birth Plan Checklist

Things can always change, so it helps to remain flexible but have a plan in place so everyone involved can have a general idea of how the big day will go. These are common questions that appear in any birth plan to help ensure the best experience to fit your needs.

Birth Location

You can choose from any hospital of your choice, a birthing center, or your home. If you consider home birth or birthing centers, it is essential to discuss with your doctor, as these locations are ideal for low-risk pregnancies.

Ideal Environment

You can also add into the birth plan whether you want dim lights, any music playing during delivery, whether there is a bath or shower available, and more. Discuss and decide on your ideal environment to help ensure a comfortable delivery.

Visitors During Labor

Who would you like to be present in the delivery room? When writing your birth plan, make sure to include anyone you want in the delivery room with you. This way, the hospital will know ahead of time and help regulate visitors, so it is less concerned.

Birthing Position

Is there a particular birthing position that appeals to you? For example, some women choose to give birth in the hospital bed or a unique birthing chair. If you prefer a situation such as kneeling to relieve backache or lying on your side, make sure to include this in your birth plan.

Postpartum Options to Consider

There are some decisions you will need to make once the baby arrives. You will want to discuss these with the adoption professional since everyone involved will want to know what will happen.

Some of the options to be considered include:

  • Umbilical cord blood donation or banking
  • Circumcision

It will be helpful to have these details in a birth plan, especially in an adoption birth plan, so everyone involved is on the same page.

What Does the Adoption Birth Plan Include?

An adoption birth plan has a few more details than a typical birth plan. Here are some of the extra information you will want to make sure are included.

  • Who will be at the hospital with you?
  • If you want to spend time with the adoptive family at the hospital
  • If you wish to have the adoptive family to be in the delivery room
  • If you’re going to hold your baby first
  • If you want to walk out of the hospital with your baby and adoptive family
  • If you plan to nurse your baby

Once you have made your birth plan, your adoption professional will distribute this to the hospital and adoptive parents. Of course, any of this information can change while you are in the hospital, but this is a general idea of how the day will go.

C-Section Birth Plan

Even if you have a c-section, a birth plan will still help everyone understand what to expect. Some things that will still be included, even in a c-section birth, include:

  • Do you want anyone in the delivery room with you?
  • Do you want your baby on your chest immediately after birth?

A c-section birth plan is very similar to a standard adoption birth plan. If you have any questions, your adoption professional will help answer them.

Sample Birth Plan

Once you have discussed and decided on the critical decisions, all you have to do is fill them into a template! Do you need a sample birth plan? Here are 47 different birth plan examples from which you can browse and choose.

You can even look through a birth plan template to view the type of questions you should include. Then ask the person handling the adoption if they have a template for you to use.

Putting Your Adoption Birth Plan Into Action

Birth plans are essential for anyone preparing to give birth and especially important for everyone involved in an adoption. There are many different voices and opinions with adoption, so having a plan will help let everyone know what to expect on delivery day.

We are here to help you talk through any concerns you may have regarding your Florida adoption, whether you are a mother or adoptive family.

If you have any questions regarding your birth plan, contact us today to help prepare you for your big day.

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