RJ & Molly

Hi there! We are RJ and Molly. I (Molly) am originally from Iowa, and my husband RJ is from Daytona Beach. We met almost 10 years ago in Haiti on a mission trip and the rest is history! Since the day we met, we both always knew we wanted to adopt children one day. We always thought we would have a couple kids of our own and then we would adopt, however, God has a different story in mind for us.

We really enjoy the simple things in life. On weekend mornings you can typically find us in our downtown having breakfast outside with our two dogs, who we love.  We have a great group of friends – we enjoy vacationing with them and having monthly dinners together.

We are also very close to family and love to spend time with them. I have 3 sisters, and RJ has 2 sisters.  We have 2 nephews and a niece. They would love to have a cousin! My favorite things in life are exercising, spending time with my friends/family, and reading books.  You can find RJ doing projects around the house or working on his fantasy football teams. He loves the Indianapolis Colts and in a couple weeks we are going to my first Colts game!  We are active in our church, where RJ is the 11th grade boys leader.

We also love to travel, especially to new places.  We take advantage of any adventure we can go on! One of our favorite places to go is to Destin and the towns and beaches on 30A. Overall, we have been very blessed and have a very wonderful life.

We are just missing the one thing in life we want more than anything.

I can’t imagine what this is like being on the other end. I’m sure difficult and heartbreaking in different ways than we’ve experienced. The thing I’m most confident in life is the fact that we will be great parents.  We can offer a child so much. We will give that child unconditional love, emotional support, a great neighborhood, a loving extended family, and financial stability. We would truly be honored if you considered giving us the gift of parenthood that we so desperately want.

With love and gratitude,

RJ and Molly

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